[thelist] dreamweaver, asp, and a client

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Thu Mar 22 11:14:38 CST 2001

> reuse.  but my concern is how well dreamweaver works with ASP code. 
> i have only a passing familiarity w/ the program, so i'm not too 
> clear on how it works with ASP (SSIs, database code, etc.).  or is 
> something that dreamweaver ultradev is better suited for?

if they want to do db development along with the templates, then yah,
UltraDev will work better. But as long as you contain ASP code inside the DW
template editable areas, it will leave it alone (and something I've done is
encorporated ASP into the template itself, so common includes and such are
thrown in automagically)....

make sense?

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