[thelist] PHP: mkdir and rmdir possible, but not chgrp, why?

Dominique Paquin dpaquin at galeasec.com
Thu Mar 22 13:43:18 CST 2001

yes, it returns: apache.

Some one, that seems to be involved in the php project, told me, earlyer
today, that it is impossible to change rights from a PHP script run from the
web server, we will have to make ourselves a cron job that will run C
program that will go and make the modification needed. As long as the
process isn't run by the web server it should be correct.

thanks for the reply.


>>> Any suggestion on how to change rights on directories would be
>>> (With PHP or any other solution)

>Eh, sounds like it must be a permissions thing. Sorry if this is totally
>obvious, but if you run the following are you getting the results you'd

>$var = `whoami`;
>echo $var;

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