[thelist] PHP: mkdir and rmdir possible, but not chgrp, why?

Dominique Paquin dpaquin at galeasec.com
Thu Mar 22 15:22:18 CST 2001

>>First off, I hope you're not putting anything important into
>>world-writable directories :).

:)    i've writen 777 as an example that i can create any thing and destroye
anything from a web based php script.

>>Of course, PHP might not help you out quite like that.

it doesn't!

>>>If that doesn't work you could always hack out a quick perl script to do
>>>the work you need. You probably only need a one-liner.

We tried it and it works if we call it from a command line, but as soon as
we call the perl from php it doesn;'t works

>>Best of luck, whichever solution works for you.

Thanks, i guess we are now going to make a perl or c program that will be
executed by a deamon/cron (donno yet) I don't see how i could do it other
wise. One thing i am sure now is that it wont be possible to do it directly
from a browser.



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