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Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Thu Mar 22 17:02:09 CST 2001

Hello List!

 I have a couple of completely unrelated questions I thought I'd bounce off
of the gurus on this list (yes, that means you!).
1. For the Homesite gurus - is there a way to deploy a single file of a
project? If I make a change to one file, then want to deploy *just that
file*, can I do it?
2. For the FTP gurus - is there a (preferably free) FTP client out there
that will synchronize files like DreamWeaver does? I'd understand if this
isn't possible, but it's on my wish list and I thought I'd throw it out
there to see if anyone knew about such a wonderful program!
 Thanks for the help you all have given - to paraphrase Yakov Smirnov "I
love this list!"

Robin Hastings
Webmistress - InterTec Designs
robin at intertecdesigns.com

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