[thelist] Clients up dating their site, no response

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Fri Mar 23 00:05:04 CST 2001

There are several solutions for CMS which might be viable....even a
'home-grown' set of forms to allow uploading of files or edit-in-place of
actual pages. If the update is something like downloadable files, simply
have the upload form they would use enforce a naming convention for the
files to be uploaded (as one example). If you are looking to hire someone,
it seems to me you would want a programmer to create a form to upload files
to a folder on the server, possibly send an email confirming the upload to
you or the client, and it should also (perhaps) dynamically generate the url
based on the uploaded file/path. This can be made easier by the use of a
database as well, but it isn't entirely necessary.
    If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

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> Hi,
> I sent the following message three digests ago and only received one
> response off list, thanks David for that. Can anyone else offer any
> I wrote:
> The situation, I have to speak to a client next week and I have a feeling
> that they are going to ask for one of their site sections to be able to be
> updated by themselves. I am guessing that they want to be able to upload
> either pdfs, excel spread sheets and word documents. I want to know what I
> am talking about when I explain to them their options for doing this.
> Can something be set up by a non-programmer like myself to handle this?
> If I need to hire someone to do this part of the website what should I be
> asking a programmer to do?
> In the past I have always handled updates by getting the client to send me
> the docs and I upload them myself. Most of my work is small sites. This
> client though is a financial firm in New York and I think they would
> do it themselves and anyway its a chance to learn something new.
> David suggested a CMS, would this be expensive? Is there any point when it
> will probably be only 3 docs a month? Suggestions for which CMS to use ?
> Should I set up a template if they have the software and let them edit it?
> Or do I have to go down some programming track?
> Thanks, Lisa.
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