[thelist] Friend's Site copied

J J squid_66 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 23 07:12:34 CST 2001

This is what we were advised by our lawyer.  You have
to make them aware of the situation and simply ask for
a resolution (or change), no threats of any kind until
they respond, and even then it may not be appropriate.

What if the person you contact happens to just be an
employee, or perhaps a client of the design company
who stole the site, and you are saying you'll sue them
or take them to court?  It wouldn't go over very well,
that's for sure.

Often times, a letter from a lawyer is threatening
enough.  But, whatever you do, be VERY CAREFUL with
that initial contact.   We've had our site layout and
certain concepts copied in the past and it's almost
sickening how nice that first lawyer letter is, but
it's been effective.

I guess anything is possible these days with a good
enough lawyer.  :(


--- Marc Seyon <seyon at carib-link.net> wrote:
> At 3/22/2001 07:01 PM, you wrote:
> >Careful, if you openly or blindly threaten them,
> they
> >can actually come back on you for harassment.  :(
> Interesting. I wasn't aware of that. What would be
> their grounds for 
> claiming harassment?
> -m

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