[thelist] Clients up dating their site, no response

Tobyn Baugher trb at cartoonviolence.net
Fri Mar 23 10:16:44 CST 2001

On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 10:44:06PM -0500, rudy wrote:
> (please don't anybody suggest that pdfs are web-friendly, they are just as
> bad as excel sheets and word docs)
Gah! I have to disagree. At least there are readers for pretty much
every platform that aren't braindead (ever watched StarOffice try to
read a .doc you created yourself in Word97?).

I'd prefer to see HTML, but I'm not going to drop a load over having to
look at a .pdf of a brochure or technical document.

As for the question at hand, I'm way over-simplifying, but couldn't you
just teach them FTP? I mean, make a directory on their site with no
index.(html|php|asp|cfm|jsp|whatever) and allow them to upload into it.
Assuming you were using Apache or another similarly-lovely HTTP server
they could just get an auto-generated directory listing that would
contain the most up-to-date list of files.

If you were feeling really slick you could, of course, create a very
simple directory listing page that would contain maybe 10 lines of the
code of your choice and work that into the scheme of the site in

Maybe it's just me, but I rather like when a commercial site does this.
Makes me think that they consider their users clueful. Besides, I
haven't found a much better way to list a large quantity of files
than a filesystem hierarchy (and it's low overhead!).

Always looking for the "that's-too-easy" solution,

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