[thelist] JSP vs ASP vs PHP vs CF

Philippe Jadin philippe.jadin at 123piano.com
Fri Mar 23 14:55:20 CST 2001

> Before this thread even starts, don't forget Cold Fusion, equally
> formidable in the realm of web programming.

<intro source="http://www.vnunet.com/print/601940">
"If you want a state-of-the-art website then you've got two basic choices,"
says Vignette's Pearson. "Option one is you get about 60 per cent of the
work done by hiring a slew of programmers, locking them in a room for six
months, and hoping for the best. Option two is buying in software which
gives you all the basic work plus tools which allow you to customise."

Maybe you could add the open source Zope (www.zope.org) as it is imho the
most inovative web app. dev. framework. I insist on the word "framework",
because with zope you really get more than a scripting language.

Most common tasks can be build with zope without too much programming. For
example, you don't need to create a gui to update your website. It's already
there. User management too. The same goes for templates, database, external
access (for example with an _ftp_ access to your database of objects...)

The scripting in zope is done with python. There is also a templating
langage, called dtml, so you don't easily end up having logic in your
presentation templates.

I used php for 1-2 year, and I discovered zope. Everything that took a few
weeks with php could be made in a couple of hours with zope. Wether I'm a
dumb guy, or my projects fitted well in zope, I got the results expected,

I recommend anyone interested in web dev to install zope and try it for at
least 2 hours (the minimum to understand what it _really_ is). It's 3 mb
download, and you you can install it in 3 minutes on windows, and 1 minute
on linux ;-).

Definitely worth the try.

Philippe Jadin

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