[thelist] Need help with the .htacess problem, anyone in the san jose area interested in a short project?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Mar 23 16:54:20 CST 2001


Are you saying you want your have your .html files be parsed just like
the .shtml ones are?(so you can stick SSI's and stuff in .html files and
still have them work, right?).. If so, you can just add

AddHandler server-parsed .html

into your httpd.conf file, or your .htaccess file if the server is so
configured. There is a slight performance hit on that though, cus apache
has to check every file that comes through it for SSI's and stuff.. but
if you're not a high-traffic server, it shouldn't be a big issue..

Shout if you have more questions :)


C Williams wrote:
> Hi,
> My employer is looking for someone to assist us in getting this .htacess
> file to parse the .shtml files to .html.  We are on a Unix server on one
> site, and NT on another.  We really need some help and the tech people at
> both hosting companies will not provide this kind of assistance.  I have
> read everything I can on this topic, and I still cant get it to work.  ;c
> If there is anyone out there in the Santa Clara area who is familiar with
> XbitHack and how this stuff works, I would love to hear from you.  My work
> phone number is 408.496-1881. California time.  (Call after 9 am  c:) If you
> cant get thru for some reason, send me an email to chris at compumodules.com

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