[thelist] Need help with the .htacess problem, anyone in the san

evolt at stoutstreet.com evolt at stoutstreet.com
Fri Mar 23 17:19:05 CST 2001

Unfortuantely, this solution won't work w/IIS -- which is the most likely server setup on the NT box. But adding .html shouldn't be difficult in the IIS Admin. I don't think they can control it locally, however.

>Are you saying you want your have your .html files be parsed just like
>the .shtml ones are?(so you can stick SSI's and stuff in .html files and
>still have them work, right?).. If so, you can just add
>AddHandler server-parsed .html
>into your httpd.conf file, or your .htaccess file if the server is so
>configured. There is a slight performance hit on that though, cus apache
>has to check every file that comes through it for SSI's and stuff.. but
>if you're not a high-traffic server, it shouldn't be a big issue..
>Shout if you have more questions :)
>C Williams wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My employer is looking for someone to assist us in getting this .htacess
>> file to parse the .shtml files to .html.  We are on a Unix server on one
>> site, and NT on another.  We really need some help and the tech people at
>> both hosting companies will not provide this kind of assistance.  I have
>> read everything I can on this topic, and I still cant get it to work.  ;c
>> If there is anyone out there in the Santa Clara area who is familiar with
>> XbitHack and how this stuff works, I would love to hear from you.  My work
>> phone number is 408.496-1881. California time.  (Call after 9 am  c:) If you
>> cant get thru for some reason, send me an email to chris at compumodules.com
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