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Michele Neylon info at blacknight-solutions.com
Fri Mar 23 19:41:30 CST 2001

On a related topic I have noticed that some of the questions on Brainbench
were worded rather oddly.

But do employers etc., know about Brainbench?

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> Hi:
> Very true about left/right brain thing... I guess I was also in doubts
> about the way the Brainbench testers wrote some of their questions. OK.
> Here is the test:
> Q. Please select how many good ways of doing a subselect on a 3 table
> join in SQL?
> a. 1
> b. 10-15
> c. 2-3
> d. 21-71
> e. none
> The correct answer is c. Do you know why?.. Because we recommended a
> SQL 7: Administration and Implementation book by djc (see quotes below).
> Just kidding, of course, but some of the questions did remind me that.
> The were probably written by people/test writers that took one book and
> whote their questions based on quotes from this book.
> I can't say anything on SQL test because I wasn't taking it but those
> were "technical" questions on photoshop... not some artistic ones...
> Anyway, here is my conclusion/suggestions:
>  - If Brainbench cerificates are a requirement by
> then buy books that Brainbench is recommending/advertising for test
> and you will pass the test :-)
> Phew, am I silly or what :-)
> Arthur Chidlovski
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> arch wrote:
> as far as 'creative' tests like photoshop and graphics in general, i
> don't think thats really brainbenches forte.. as for things like SQL,C,
> Java, etc - the more 'disciplined and rigid' skills - they're a
> nice(although of course, never perfect) measuring stick to see how well
> you really understand more rigid things like that. i mean, theres a
> shitload of ways to go about creating an image that has a drop shadow,
> bevel, etc in RGB mode(i know nothing about photoshop as you can see:)
> in a graphics program, but only two or three good ways of doing a
> subselect on a 3 table join in SQL.
> i guess its the whole right brain/left brain thing :)
> .djc.
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