[thelist] Strange AOL related error.

Olly Hodgson gnarly at punkass.com
Mon Mar 26 09:36:38 CST 2001

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From: "Matt Wenham" <matt at mattwenham.co.uk>

> > BTW I have just rejoined AOL and there does not appear to be any
> > problems with it? I never have understood the sweeping "Ugh"
> > statements about this ISP.
> They don't provide an SMTP server for you to use, and the software can
> be difficult to remove from your machine should you want to. Doesn't
> stop me using it either, though.

Its in use here too. AOL6 blocks Internet Connection Sharing on WinME (AOL5
works fine), and it took 4 attempts to uninstall it from my machine [the
uninstaller locked up the machine on the first three attempts]. It also
'upgraded' me to IE5.5 without asking first. GRRR!

The connection works fine though.

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