[thelist] IE 6.0 beta in browser archive...

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Mar 26 13:33:01 CST 2001

aardvark wrote:

> they're not the same codebase... MS released WinME as a bridge
> between win98 and win2k, primarily aimed at consumers...

ya i understand that, but I thought that it was a similar deal to NT/98
- that is, an app would run pretty much on one or ther other. so the old
build that you put up a month ago only runs on one of those platforms?
which one?

> WinME is generally regarded as buggy, and gives all sorts of
> trouble to memory-intensive apps like Photoshop... it's also
> generally considered to be highly unstable... my own experience
> makes me agree... i don't know why anyone would choose to use it
> anyway, win98 has a smaller footprint and is more stable, and
> win2k is just a hella lot more robust... but your general consumer
> has no clue, and so there are a whole bunch of machines out there
> with a bad OS (in addition to all the others)...

ya, my gf's mom has that, came pre-installed with her new computer and
i've gotten about 20 calls from her since asking how to fix shit,
crashes, etc.. being the good daughters boyfriend that I am, i wiped her
drive and replaced it with 98, which works as well as she needs for
email, web, and solitaire..

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