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Kevin Stevens kjs at
Mon Mar 26 14:57:33 CST 2001

> > ummm, gulp -- too late! Now, how do I go about getting Win98 or Win2k
> > since my nifty new (o.k., refurb) is on it's way complete with Win Me
> > (which I didn't want, but like you noted, it comes that way)??

My advice would be to re-format your hard drive & install W98 (you say you
can get a copy) and then put ME over the top. Win ME offers the option of
returning to Win98 if you have upgraded, which is what I did a couple of
weeks after installing it because I didn't think I could run Personal Web
Server on ME. I have since learnt that this is possible if you have PWS
already installed on your machine.

being the good daughters boyfriend that I am, i wiped her
drive and replaced it with 98, which works as well as she needs for
email, web, and solitaire..

I am really embarrassed to say that my main reason for re-installing ME was
because it has the best pinball game I have ever found on it. I don't have
many problems with this as an OS, I can't vouch for the problems with
Photoshop because I don't use it (somebody gave me a "warez" copy but I try
to avoid pirate software for moral reasons). It does seem to crash a lot
less than W98 so that's not a bad thing.

kjs at

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