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Thu Mar 29 07:53:58 CST 2001

As of yet, there's no way for a server to get at the location information -
unless it  has access to the phone company's records. It's mooted that
location information will be available in some form in WAP 2, but as Martin
pointed out, there's a lot of resistance to that information actually being
made freely available. 

There have been some really good potential services dreamt up using location
information. Some of these are already being put into practise for users who
"give" their location to use their service. Some of the great ideas I have
heard include tourist information that describes where one is (perhaps using
"push", which also doesn't actually exist in WAP yet, but can be done using
SMS), services that allow you to book things like Pizzas, or taxis to your
location and (perhaps less popular) "instant discounts" from stores in the
nearby area (one could imagine for instance visiting an airline's wap site
while at the airport and enabling the ability for the site to detect where
you are and push electronic discount vouchers at you).


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> > Does anyone have info on this (technical)? Would it be 
> possible to build
> > something like this today (maybe with a wap phone)? Would 
> location based
> > tracking be worldwide?
> A lot of the mobile phones I've seen tell you the local area 
> code for where
> they are. (I may be wrong but...) I believe its done with 
> triangulation
> between the phone masts. Couldn't this info be used?
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