[thelist] Cold Fusion?

Gina K. Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Thu Mar 29 10:42:54 CST 2001

Hi Raymond,

|If you are just trying out CF, you don't need a host that supports CF. You
|can run it on your home machine.

<grin> I kinda meant a "server" wherever it is, that supports CF, it's a server
side language, right..not like javascript? I believe members.evolt.com free
accounts support CF, and also cfm-resources.com has a free account with CF and
ASP. I have Win98 and PWS, what do I need to have in order to support CF
locally? Do I need to install anything on PWS?

|Heck no. You can write CFML templates in anything, Notepad, Ultradev, or
|consider HomeSite, a stripped down version of Studio but still a dang good

Cool, I was hoping that was the case--so what is CF Studio then? If I get
interested in developing with it seriously, what would buying the software do
for me? I do have HomeSite, what CF help does it give you? All I use HS for is
cleaning up HTML code by hand and searches--I use DW to layout sites visually,
so I don't delve into HS's offerings too much.

|Actually, you can buy ColdFusion for Dummies. :) I'd suggest Mastering
|ColdFusion 4.5 (co-authored by yours truly), or the Ben Forta book.

Thank you for the recommendations, I'll take a look at them :)

Thanks for replying!

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