[thelist] How do I automate the filling in of a Web page/form?

Hugh Blair hblair at bigfoot.com
Fri Mar 30 00:32:51 CST 2001

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> A couple of questions:
> 1.  Why not store this type of information in a database, then check for the
> user id and fill in the form with the information from there?

I already have the data in an XML file.  Since that can be parsed, why
move it into a database?  Are you going somewhere I don't understand?

> 2.  What type of data is on the user files?

<XML file snip>
<Name>Elder, Bob</Name>
  <Street>12345 Federal Way</Street>
  <City>Westlake Village</City>

If you looked at the web page (no URL available because it requires 
a username/password login), there are fields that this data would be
typed in to fill out the page.  I have this file on the user's local
disk. My problem is to read this datafile and somehow enter it in the
web page, press the SUBMIT button, and check for the next page to 
appear or errors to be returned.

Am I stuck with stuffing the keyboard buffer?  Yuck +9

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> I need to automate the filling in of a few web pages
> with many input fields.  The owner of the web page will
> not be a part of the process.
> 1. I have the data in an XML file residing on the user's
> local HD.  The local application that creates this file
> could be changed but getting the writer to make those
> changes would be painful, something I'd like to avoid.
> 2. There is a need to 'process' many of these XML files
> over the course of a day.  Automating this as much as
> possible is the goal.
> 3. The purpose of this is get the data into this 3 page
> web site without having the user enter the data the second
> time, after entering it in this other local app.
> 4. I have to trap errors pushed back by the web page if
> any of the inputs are invalid. I don't need to make
> corrections, just inform the user that their entry failed
> with what error.
> Geesh, any ideas?  Oh, this app is running on a Windows
> (95/98/NT/2k) workstation with Internet access, could be
> dial-up or broadband.
> Please pass any help/suggestions/tips to me directly
> instead of the list if you think this isn't a proper
> [thelist] issue.
> Thanks bunches in advance,
> -Hugh
> hblair at bigfoot.com

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