[OT] Setting up FTP users for xitami (was Re: [thelist] setting up a faux-server environment)

Martin Kuplens-Ewart martin at graphicist.com
Sat Mar 31 23:40:04 CST 2001

"John Corry" <webshot at neoncowboy.com> Said:

> One of my PHP books came with a web server called Xitami that I
> installed on another workstation, it's real easy to set up...but I
> figure out how to create user accounts for FTP or anything.

Setting up FTP user accounts for Xitami is actually pretty easy!

go to and log on...  click on "configuration"
and then, in the top right of the screen "FTP", and in the line with
"User configuration file" click on "Define...". If you look to the top
left of the screen you can see "new"... click this to add/define new

put in a username, password, initial directory, and use the
"Permissions chooser" to set user acces levels. what's really cool
about it is that you can add disk quota limits... hehe

umm, then just click save all the way back to admin root.

and voila. :)


<tip type="production/development servers">
If you can't afford to use a full-blown server for the development
process, either get yourself an account with f2s.com [freedom 2 surf],
which gives free subdomains with php/mysql access... or, install a
small webserver on your own computer, along with all the other
software you'll use, such as mysql/php... i most definitely recommend
Xitami for its small footprint... both drive-usage-wise, and
memory-wise... it's highly configurable, and really nifty...

[i hope that qualifies as a "useful" tip. hehe

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