[thelist] tip: Exporting OE Emails easily

Shoshannah Forbes xslf at xslf.com
Mon Apr 2 10:38:20 CDT 2001

<tip author="Shoshannah Forbes">
And even faster way to save Emails left in folders is to use DBXtract, a
little freeware (windows only) that does just that:
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> <tip>
> Need to easily and quickly export emails left in various folders within
> Outlook Express client? Try this:
> 1. Click on the folder.
> 2. Click on a message and press Ctrl+A to select all messages
> 3. Click "Forward".
> 4. Click File->Save As
> 5. Save in a location as [folder name].eml
> This will save a single .eml file with all the emails in that folder
> It's quick, it's dirty, and it works wonders when you have to wipe out
your OS
> and you want to save those witty emails from the aardvark.
> </tip>

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