[thelist] Northpoint???? (Chicago)

Michael Roberto mjr at linkzero.com
Mon Apr 2 11:29:10 CDT 2001

	If you are in Chicago, they may have Northpoint service
through RCN EnterAct(21stCentury Cable & Telecom).  I used to work
there and recently spoke with a friend who is still there, and we
spoke specifically about this.  He said that EnterAct was working
on finding a solution for their customers, so that may be something
that you might want to look into, to see what the ISP is proactively
doing to bring this service back on.
	I also read this article via Slashdot,
Via the Mercury News in SF
	That the California Public Utilities Commission has ordered
Northpoint to relight their network and provide all California
customers service for 30 days. The intent being to allow them time to
migrate to a new service in an orderly manner.

	Who knows what the outcome will be though.


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On Mon, 2 Apr 2001 sales at iibiz.com wrote:

> Several clients have been on the phone already this morning (I'm a
> designer/developer, not an ISP provider!), screaming that they no longer
> have access thru Northpoint DSL, which I saw posted a week ago was going
> of business.
> I don't know WHY they all waited until their services were gone - but now
> they need DSL like yesterday, to replace what they've lost, and of course
> there's still terrible turn arounds on getting any new DSL service set up.
> Anyone else out there dealing with Northpoint and have any bright ideas?
> Thanks,
> Sandy
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