[thelist] hypocaloric cookies

Blade Runner jackmadcrowd at caltanet.it
Mon Apr 2 13:12:05 CDT 2001

hello, brothers,
I'm new to this list and a rookie of web editing, and I'm looking for help
on cookies.
I'm building a non-commercial, non-profit, non-sponsored site, and I put a
counter on the home page. This counter - FxWeb's Webtracker - works fine,
but without persistent cookies it isn't able to tell me whether my visitors
are 'one-timers' or people who like the site enough to return.
All the cookies I've found, surfing around, have 'accessories' I don't want
to bother my guests with, such as 'log in', 'personalized greeting', or
'your browser is' (!), and - may I say it? - crap like that.
I know from my own experience that alerts and prompts make people nervous,
even when there's no reason, such as in my case.
I don't want to pry into my guests' life, and there's no banner or any such
thing on my site. And I'll inform my guests about the cookie and the reason
for it's there - it's no secret.
But I want it to be undisturbing - quiet. Expiring, say, 6 months or one
Now, is there some wonderful soul who would kindly provide me with such a
plain JavaScript client-side cookie, please, and save me from the terrible
headaches I'm getting from trying to build one on my own?
Copyright would be stated clearly - I promise.
Thank you very much,


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