[thelist] crit & help with tables in NN

Jason E. Burk jasonb at halstead-architects.com
Mon Apr 2 13:55:21 CDT 2001

hi there.  i was ready to pull my hair out last night because i've been
running into problems with netscape and tables.

the page i'm presenting is a mockup for the basic site design.  i
originally tried to keep it liquid, but with my limited knowledge and
ability, and the desire to maintain a printable web site, i've
reconfigured the page(s) with tables set for a distinct width.  i'm in
the process of putting together some basic CSS to control the text
elements on most of the pages, for i'm interested in searchable pages
and using as little javascript as possible for the bells and whistle

with that said, i can't seem to figure out why netscape likes to repeat
my table background for every cell and would like a basic critique
before i go to the final tweaking stage and output the rest of the


thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions!

j a s o n  e . b u r k
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