[thelist] crit & help with tables in NN

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 2 14:08:11 CDT 2001

> From: "Jason E. Burk" <jasonb at halstead-architects.com>
> with that said, i can't seem to figure out why netscape likes to
> repeat my table background for every cell and would like a basic
> critique before i go to the final tweaking stage and output the rest
> of the pages:
> http://www.metrogfx.com/jdogweb/fountain.html

NN always takes a background image specified in a <table> and 
resets it as a fresh tile for each cell... that is just the way it works...

you can get around this by not using tables to lay out your text 
nav... instead, just use <br>s to split up the text, allowing it all to 
sit in one single cell... it can be done, although you may have to 
tweak your rollover...

also, i noticed that what may be a curve on the page is missing.. 
specifically the image that should be at 

and is there a reason that rolling over 'fountain square' in the nav 
causes the URL image at the top of the page to disappear?

finally, why have a URL on the page in such a prominent position 
(upper left)?  is it safe to assume that the user doesn't need it if 
he/she is already here?  i'd rather see the site name and/or 
branding there... and if you choose to leave it, i'd recommend 
dumping the 'http://www.' since that's implied, and i'd drop the text 
out of all-caps so i can read the text and not see 'fountains sq are 
indy'... that's how i read it at first, since there is no mixed-case to 
break it up... and then you might find you don't need the house 
icon in the nav...

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