[thelist] charging for SE placement?

sales at iibiz.com sales at iibiz.com
Mon Apr 2 16:03:49 CDT 2001

Yucky stuff - and I'm even pretty successful with my listings.  I'm trying
to get someone to partner with me that wants to take on these tasks, and all
the whining, bitching phone calls that come with it!

I've seen set prices of anywhere from $300 - $1500 for one-time submissions,
and now that many of the search engines are charging $199 to be listed, that
would have to be added on top of it.

And when people pay specific money for search engine listings (I bundle it
in with the over all cost of my sites, and if they're NOT happy, I tell them
that there ARE companies that specialize in this), no matter what the
amount, they are automatically going to expect top rankings.  And they never
understand how LONG it takes to get listed in some of them, even if you've
done everything you were supposed to.

It's a good way to build a bad reputation real quick.  So I guess my
friendly advice is - "Just say no"!  LOL!


> A prospect client came to me today, asking about SE registration and
> placement for his existing site (not made by me).
> I have never sold SE placement as a separate service before, so I am not
> sure how to charge.
> How do you charge for things like this? Hourly? By SE? Some other way? And
> what are the price ranges for such a service?

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