[thelist] JS image randomizer

Paul Dewey paul_dewey at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 2 16:13:19 CDT 2001

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
//Randomize the image on this pages
var img = new Array();
var prefix = "LOCATION OF IMAGES";
img[0] = prefix + "image1.jpg";
img[1] = prefix + "image2.jpg";
img[2] = prefix + "image3.jpg";
img[3] = prefix + "image4.jpg";
var index = Math.round(3*Math.random());
document.write('<IMG NAME=health SRC='+img[index]+' border=0 width=200 
height=200 alt="Rotating Image">');
// -->


Increase the var index for more image and add the tage.  Really simple.  Ask 
me if you need more help with this.


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Subject: [thelist] JS image randomizer
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need a JavaScript image randomizer... the ones i've found tend to
be kinda crappy... obviously working across all browsers/platforms
is key...  SSI not an option here... needs to allow for images of
different sizes, if possible...

suggestions?  samples?

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