[thelist] Request for critique, small commercial farm site

Cory Preus cory_preus at cnt.com
Mon Apr 2 16:41:09 CDT 2001

> http://www.windyhilldesign.com/farmtransfer/test3

In my opinion, the gold on navy color scheme doesn't have a strong enough
contrast to make the navigation text readable. It succeeds somewhat with the
Rivendel Farm heading, but with the smaller typefaces it--especially in the
bowls of the letters. Inside lowercase "e"'s and "a"'s, the dark stroke at
the top blends into the navy background.

Also, images really shouldn't be broken down into pieces unless it is
warranted. The entire masthead could be one image. I'm on a fast connection
and even so, I see the amalgamation of images come together. If the purpose
is to give that effect, great. If not, it draws my attention more to the
loading images than the content (which I assume is why people are there

On the home page, the cute lamb is in the masthead. On the interior pages,
it is above the navigation...that leaves the "Rivendel Farms" floating and
kind of "there" without anything to anchor it.

All in all, I really do like the gold trim treatment. It gives a classy
feeling to a small farm.

I hope this helps.


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