[thelist] Request for critique, small commercial farm site

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Apr 2 16:48:49 CDT 2001

>    http://www.windyhilldesign.com/farmtransfer/test3

hi heather

woolie the lamb is so cute -- especially the blinking eyes!!

the first thing i saw when opening the page was a massively sliced image
and the status bar message "49 items remaining" which is always a turnoff
for me (often i'll just hit Back or Alt-F4 on sites that do this), but
other than optimizing your images to make them as light as possible, you
don't really need to fix the slicing

the color (gold?) of the navigation text, combined with the cursive font,
makes for *very *difficult reading -- not enough contrast against the dark
blue, and cursive is tough to read at the best of times

in the copy, you have turned off link underlining, but have not given the
links a different colour -- i didn't even realize there were links in the
copy until i was reading your source code!!

you might also want to make woolie (in the top left of your sub pages) a
link back to the home page

hope this helps


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