[thelist] crit & help with tables in NN

Jason E. Burk jasonb at halstead-architects.com
Mon Apr 2 18:19:49 CDT 2001

sales at iibiz.com wrote:

> What's weird though, is that when I look at it in IE it's only 640 wide.
> When I look at it in Netscape, it's spreading out to 800
> wide......hmmmmmmmmm.  I took a quick look at your code and it seems right,

yah.  i noticed that myself.  i figgerd the table biz was just going to be the
*way it goes.*  i think the fix for it is out there.  the 800 pixels wide tho
is really throwing me for a loop.  i can't seem to find anything other than
maybe the rowspans that seem to be out of place.

thanks so far for the help tho.  cheers!

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