[thelist] crit & help with tables in NN

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 2 18:52:49 CDT 2001

> From: "Jason E. Burk" <jasonb at halstead-architects.com>
> > finally, why have a URL on the page in such a prominent position
> > (upper left)?  is it safe to assume that the user doesn't need it if
> i'm stuck between using it as navigation, identification and general
> information like the date / time / site location.  originally it was
> going to be just a nice anchor at the top of the page -- without it
> the background image looks oddly out of proportion.  the i decided
> that it should be some kind of navigation.  but to what i'm not sure. 
> navigation that is separated into 2 different places on the page would
> confuse users.  i just don't know yet.

i still maintain my original assertion that if you keep it, switch it to 
mixed-case and dump the 'http://www/' since it's understood...

but i think you're better off with the name of the site up there...

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