[thelist] Test for quicktime?

Joshua Earl jearl at adel.tafe.sa.edu.au
Mon Apr 2 20:12:40 CDT 2001


dunno if you have tried this, but AFAIK, you can embed hyperlinks in your
*.mov files.

so you do the test that you should be doing with your Flash files...

create a Stub *.mov with a 'click here to see movie' button in it, the user
clicks the button and gets the movie, otherwise they don't see the button.

100% reliable, and I'm sure you could get it to look reasonable too...how
about setting a session variable at the beginning of the site via a *.mov
redirect? or better yet, use a hidden black movie which automatically sets
the variable on your homepage?

footprint of the stub movie would be negligible...after all, you would have
only a tiny graphic (even if you need one - I'm not sure you do).

remember, you can combine Flash and QT now too....

Hope this helps,


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