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On 03.04.2001 at 13:08 Uhr, stef at nota-bene.org (s t e f) wrote:

> [sender: H. G. Quinn || date: 01:38 03/04/2001 -0400]
> >I'm sure someone knows the real skinny on this.  It just appears to me that
> >NN is saying, "Well I have a bg image, and that's more important than the
> >inner table's bg color, so I'll only resolve and display the bg image."   So
> >you get rid of the inner table, and set up the bg image rows the same way
> >you did the white spacer cell rows, and it will work.
> And why not use CSS and be standards-compliant all the way?
> That way you won't have those kinds of conflicts.

Netscape's table-background_image-handling is as buggy as can be.

You possibly ended up with 2 tables, both rendering the background
image, although you did _not_ give the inner Table any
Background-Images. (Thats the bug).

Solution: Throw it into a css-class and, very important, tell NetScape
to NOT render a background in the inner table, like:


this should get it to work as expected...


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