[thelist] ASP Equivalent for CreateUUID() ?

Chris Evans chris at fuseware.com
Tue Apr 3 09:50:45 CDT 2001

Here's the code I use to create UIDS:

	<!--- Covert the IP address to dotless formation. --->
	<CFSET numDotless = 0>
	<CFSET lstOctets = ListLen(CGI.REMOTE_ADDR,".")>
	<CFLOOP From="1" To="#lstOctets#" Index="i">
		<CFSET numDotless=numDotless + (ListGetAt(CGI.REMOTE_ADDR,i,".") * (256 ^

	<!--- Create the datetime portion of our ID --->
	<CFSET dteEpoch=CreateDateTime("1970","01","01","00","00","00")>
	<CFSET dteUnixTime=DateDiff("s", dteEpoch, Now())>

	<!--- Seed our randomizer, and get our random number--->
	<CFSET tmp = Randomize(Right(GetTickCount(),4))>
	<CFSET numRand = RandRange(1, 999999)>

	<!--- Create the Global Unique Identifier. --->
	<CFSET strUID = numDotless & ":" & dteUnixTime & ":" &  numRand>
	<!--- Set the cookie --->
	<cfcookie name="UID" value="#strUID#" expires="NEVER"
domain="#Request.strDomain#" path="/">

re: your second question, we connect over SMTP to the MTA.  I was creating
an extension to write directly to the MTA spool directory, but couldn't come
up with a common format for the messages.  Allof the different mail programs
on NT use a different format, it seems.

Chris Evans
chris at fuseware.com

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