[thelist] Finding the URL of the page in ColdFusion

Faust at ThinkChurch.com Faust at ThinkChurch.com
Tue Apr 3 10:33:26 CDT 2001

How do you find the URL of the page currently being displayed by 
the browser?  I want to know so I can get rid of any links to the 
page the user is currently viewing.  For example:

   <CFIF #URL.current# IS #dynamically_generated_link#>
      Link (Here you are)<BR>
      <A HREF="#dynamically_generated_link#">Link</A><BR>

If there is a better way to do this, please let me know.  This is for a 
Spectra application, so if there is some Spectra magic that can do 
the trick, I would like to use that.

Also, usually I would only wrap the second 
#dynamically_generated_link# in CFOUTPUT tags, but I chose 
readbility over performance for this e-mail.  :-)

Sorry for what must seem like a very elementary question, but I am 
new to ColdFusion and, as usual, I am having a hard time finding 
what I need in the ColdFusion books I have.


"The way you choose to do something is as important as what you 
choose to do."  -- Chuck Close

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