[thelist] The Sequel: Dates, ASP and mental health

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Tue Apr 3 11:10:46 CDT 2001

I just couldn't resist the new subject line... (Sequel, SQL... ok. I'll shut
up :)

I'm pulling my hair too about Dates, SQL and ASP, with a twist.

I develop on an NT server that is set up with the English language.
My target platform is an NT server IN FRENCH.
Database is Access 2000.  (English or French, depending on which server)

English has mm/dd/yy
French has dd/mm/yy
See the problem already?

I thought it wouldn't be a problem since data from the dev platform is not
transferred to the live one. However, internally ACCESS will only use the US
date format, even French Access on a French server.  It's driving me nuts!

While I did write little functions to go from one date format to another, I
keep forgetting to call it. There are places that don't need it, and places
that do, and I just can't figure out where/how/why.

Anyone with words of wisdom on how to deal with date localisations?

who sometimes hates being bilingual... :(

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