[thelist] The Sequel: Dates, ASP and mental health

s t e f stef at nota-bene.org
Tue Apr 3 11:23:41 CDT 2001

[sender: Nicole Parrot || date: 12:12 03/04/2001 -0400]
>I just couldn't resist the new subject line... (Sequel, SQL... ok. I'll shut
>up :)
>I'm pulling my hair too about Dates, SQL and ASP, with a twist.
>I develop on an NT server that is set up with the English language.
>My target platform is an NT server IN FRENCH.
>Database is Access 2000.  (English or French, depending on which server)
>English has mm/dd/yy
>French has dd/mm/yy
>See the problem already?

We oftentimes have the same kinds of problems. I'm French too.

I guess the solution is to extract the date from the DB and *THEN ONLY* 
format it locally, through a function of your own. I know it's slower than 
letting the DB do the job, but in this case it's slightly unavoidable, I 

What d'you reckon?

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