[thelist] The Sequel: Dates, ASP and mental health

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Tue Apr 3 11:45:56 CDT 2001

(2 answers in one)

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From: "Scott Dexter" <sgd at ti3.com>
> if you have control over the servers themselves, set the local settings on
> the English box to show dates in dd/mm/yy:

Unfortunately I only have control over the French box. And it's not much
control since by LAW it has to be set to French. :(
The English box is in Miami, and is a regular ISP server. I doubt they'd
change it for me.

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From: "s t e f" <stef at nota-bene.org>
> I guess the solution is to extract the date from the DB and *THEN ONLY*
> format it locally, through a function of your own. I know it's slower than
> letting the DB do the job, but in this case it's slightly unavoidable, I
> suppose.

But you get screwed if you plan on using SQL to do your date queries.

BTW, I had a similar problem while creating a site for Australia, where they
handle dates meaningfully (dd/mm/yy)  :)  The site runs on a US server,
which I don't control, and spews out US dates.

Why isn't there a bunch of utility functions that will let us choose the
locale at the code level, and not the OS level?

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