[thelist] [Fwd: "Dual-copyright/licensing" of your IP withOUTyour permission]

Roger L. Waggener waggener at ezl.com
Tue Apr 3 13:16:26 CDT 2001

Whether this message contains "blind Microsoft-bashing" is, I
think secondary or even irrelevant to the fact that what he is
talking about is true and very troubling.

What it means is that anyone using Hotmail, or any passport
associated means, to discuss business matters (just because
someone is smart doesn't mean they don't do stupid things) or
anything else private, important, or secret in nature is giving
Microsoft not only co-ownership rights to the content of those
emails, but the right to exploit that content however they wish.

This is enough cause for alarm without even considering the far
reaching, dare I say insidious, infiltration and penetration of 
the Internet as a whole that will take place when Microsoft's 
new .NET technologies begin to be disseminated on a large scale.

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