[thelist] [Fwd: "Dual-copyright/licensing" of your IP withOUT your permission]

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue Apr 3 13:32:06 CDT 2001

Don Makoviney wrote:

> The fact that Microsoft is doing this first is no big deal.

I'd say its a big deal because so many people are already using the 
passport enabled services.

> You must realize that ALL of the large platforms are going to be doing the
> same thing.

examples? does that make it OK to put that kind of draconian legalise on 
what most people consider to be a free service, and what microsoft 
itself is calling 'The Future of Computing'? since when did the future 
of computing become about giving up personal rights?

> Everyone just likes to blame Microsoft.

i think its easy to blame them for things that they're doing *here and 
now*.  there are legitimate reasons everyone likes to blame microsoft 
from what i've seen in my casual observations.


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> Whether this message contains "blind Microsoft-bashing" is, I
> think secondary or even irrelevant to the fact that what he is
> talking about is true and very troubling.
> What it means is that anyone using Hotmail, or any passport
> associated means, to discuss business matters (just because
> someone is smart doesn't mean they don't do stupid things) or
> anything else private, important, or secret in nature is giving
> Microsoft not only co-ownership rights to the content of those
> emails, but the right to exploit that content however they wish.
> This is enough cause for alarm without even considering the far
> reaching, dare I say insidious, infiltration and penetration of 
> the Internet as a whole that will take place when Microsoft's 
> new .NET technologies begin to be disseminated on a large scale.

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