[thelist] [Fwd: "Dual-copyright/licensing" of your IP withOUT your permission]

Green, Janet JGreen at DesMoinesMetro.com
Tue Apr 3 13:46:36 CDT 2001

I just have to say, I'm not even sure MS was FIRST with this. Yahoo! has all
those clubs, and if you post pictures or content to any Yahoo club, it
states in the Agreement that *they* suddenly own your material. So, post
that family picture, but remember if you do you give the pic to Yahoo. Post
an original poem on such a site, and you have lost your ownership of your
original work. Anyone who thinks this stuff is "free" needs to read the
Terms of any Agreement they accept. 

> What it means is that anyone using Hotmail, or any passport
> associated means, to discuss business matters (just because
> someone is smart doesn't mean they don't do stupid things) or
> anything else private, important, or secret in nature is giving
> Microsoft not only co-ownership rights to the content of those
> emails, but the right to exploit that content however they wish.

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