[thelist] Dreamweaver 4.0 sign-in/sign-out feature

david braun david.braun at centralnet.ch
Tue Apr 3 14:40:39 CDT 2001

hi mark

We did some (not too much, so I could be faulty) er, experimenting with
the sign in/out feature of DW.

While the .lck files are somewhat annoying, they're ok in the way that 
a) they're backup for 'the case'®
b) they are removed on one side when you log in/out (the mess remains on
one side 'only')
c) the mess is diminished a little by them being hidden (true ?)

they're annoying in the way that there is no way to get them completely
removed without manual work or thirdparty helpers

I considered this option helpful on sites where I don't know how many
people are working on. If someone is working on files, they are locked
for the others.

In the meantime, this binds you to DW (for 'security'-aspects), and it's
reliability is based on the users understanding of the concept and
his/her discipline. Wich was the reason we ditched it.

If you're in need of a serious 'security'/reliability/actuality-ensuring
workflow, I'd rather point you to some cvs-applications, like voodoo or
mac cvs pro...

more on this:


On 03.04.2001 at 13:46 Uhr, mark at velir.com (Mark Gregor) wrote:

> Hi all,
> Has anyone used Dreamweaver 4.0s sign-in/sign-out features?  We're experimenting 
> with it and find that it leaves some things to be desired, namely:
> 1) It creates a duplicate .lck file for *every* file on the site, which can get 
> to be a mess.
> 2) It doesn't automatically check out a file when it's opened.
> I'm sure there are others.
> Any experiences to share?  Any experiences integrated it with WebDav?
> Mark
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