[thelist] Freelance Web Designer

Cory Preus cory_preus at cnt.com
Tue Apr 3 15:11:54 CDT 2001


I'm doing a bit of freelance web work myself...and I'm in the formative
stages. I just graduated about 8 months ago.

Much of the work I've been doing is through networking with the job I
currently have. My newest freelance gig is for a small ergonomic service
company -- they came to my work and installed keyboard trays, etc. I spoke
with the guy who did my installation, and viola.  

Above all, it pays to talk around. Definitely look within your family -- you
probably won't get paid much (if anything), but the first site or two will
get you a portfolio you can show off.

I sometimes commission two freelance graphic designers to do some work...one
is a coworker who has been in the industry for a while. If the client
doesn't want to pay his higher rates, I have another designer who is in
college yet (but she's very talented).

Look around. Talk to people you know. If you do great work, they'll tell
others. Diarrhea of the mouth is the best ailment around...especially if it
keeps running because of you.

Sorry about the analogy.


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