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Rebekah Murphy bekah at nightvisions.com
Tue Apr 3 16:09:59 CDT 2001

Janet Green wrote:
> HOWEVER, I strongly discourage anyone from giving away
> their work, even when
> getting started. You *must* place a value on the work
> you perform, and it
> *must* be competitive in your marketplace.

I have done one site on a volunteer basis to build 
my portfolio, but it was for a non-profit company and I 
sent them an invoice of what it *would have* cost so I 
could write it of as a donation on my taxes. Even so, 
people will really take advantage of you if they are 
not spending money. You must be firm.

I am just starting freelancing myself, after doing 
contract work for 2 years. Finding clients is very 
hard. Right now I have 2 potential clients (friends of 
the family) who seem exited to get websites done, but 
are dragging their feet about accepting the proposals I 
sent them. I was quite pround of myself today. I had 
jury duty, and chatted up the people sitting near me in 
the waiting room until the man to my right asked for 
a business card. Talking up myself to total strangers 
does not come easily for me, but it is a crucial skill 
for the self-employed.

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