[thelist] [Fwd: "Dual-copyright/licensing"

Manuelita Beck mbeck at unm.edu
Tue Apr 3 16:23:20 CDT 2001

--Green, Janet wrote:
> I just have to say, I'm not even sure MS was FIRST with
> this. Yahoo! has all those clubs, and if you post
> pictures or content to any Yahoo club, it states in the
> Agreement that *they* suddenly own your material. So, post
> that family picture, but remember if you do you give the
> pic to Yahoo. Post an original poem on such a site, and
> you have lost your ownership of your original work.
> Anyone who thinks this stuff is "free" needs to read the
> Terms of any Agreement they accept. 

The MS situation is *much* different. Yahoo only has that
bit apply to things that are publically accessible. It
doesn't apply to things that sent from Yahoo Mail or are
posted to Yahoo Groups (unless the group is open to the
public and members), for example. The Passport ToS,
however, covers *everything* that communicates in any way
with the Passport website--including private email from

I do heartily agree with the sentiment that people need to
be aware of what's in the ToS for any "free" service,
though. Seems like some people see "free" and promptly lose
all common sense. :)


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