[thelist] ColdFusion question

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 3 21:31:40 CDT 2001


: From: zac
: Except that the overhead for something
: like this is fairly substantial ...

what is your idea of fairly substantial and what portions of my solution
generate that overhead?  do you have some numbers that show the performance
hit as compared to other operations?

: ... and there are problems with CFFile
: under Win2K and under Windows in general.

like what?  i've been using cf solid since v3.0 and have had no problems
using cffile to write files -- ever -- and i've used cffile alot.  i've used
it on nt4, win2k, and linux with the majority of that experience on windows.

i agree there are problems with cffile when it comes to deleting files or
renaming them right after creating them, but have never experienced a
problem with writing/overwriting a file.

: I think that what you need to do is re-evaluate
: what you are storing in the database.  Why not
: just store the data and then dynamically build
: a cfmail statement from the data. CF is great
: at doing this sort of evaluation.

it's true that you should always evaluate what you're trying to do and how
you're trying to do it.  however, in this case, we're working on trying to
solve a problem for another user -- granted they should probably
re-evaluate.  having said that though -- there is a solution that will work
which i've outlined in very simply terms.

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