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Tue Apr 3 21:39:00 CDT 2001

Wherever there's a man beatin on MS, look for me, Mom, there I'll be ;)

Seriously, let's not let this degenerate into a flame war. Why don't we turn
it into a discussion of software/service licenses and how companies are
trying to avoid all responsibility while at the same time trying to gain
MORE control over users' rights - whether or not that company is Microsoft?

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Two great resources for Mac OS X early adopters. Found em today.

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On 4/3/01 2:40 PM, "Don Makoviney" <DonM at allensysgroup.com> wrote:

> That is a moot point on many fronts:
> 1. They have the most money. . .so proportionately it would make sense.
> 2. They are also getting sued the most. . . .so it also makes sense.
> Considering the barrage of court cases against Microsoft over the past few
> years, that is no surprise that their contributions have risen sharply.
> 3. Sun, Netscape(R.I.P), Oracle, and many others have done the same thing in
> the past. How do you think they got the governments attention in the first
> place to start suing the he|| out of them? There was an article about three
> years ago that said that MS was severely LAGGING behind other soft money
> conrtibutors like Oracle, Sun, and whatnot. Looks to me like they are just
> playing a bit of catch-up.
> DM

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