[thelist] Freelance Web Designer

Chris Johnston chris at completeimaging.com
Tue Apr 3 21:59:50 CDT 2001

On this topic of Freelance Web Designers, I have a few questions that I hope
someone can answer.

I am working for an internet startup that would like to start farming out my
web development skills to other companies to help increase their flow of
cash, great but none of them come from a design background let alone a web
development background and I feel that they are woefully undercharging the
clients just to make a few bucks.

My question is this then, what is a fair wage for web design if you are a
freelancer? I have heard people quote rates of a $150/hour for ColdFusion
design and other people quote an entire 5 page website for $250. Which is
closer to what an accurate rate should be? Along with that question, what is
the best way of trying to calculate what your time is worth? Does anyone
know any good websites that chart what the minimum, maximum and average per
hour charges are for web design?

I realize this a lot of sensitive questions to ask, but I really have no
idea where to even begin looking for answers on this topic. I know the quick
answer is to get a job at a design agency and learn that way, but those jobs
seem to be getting few and far between and are only going to the gurus these
days. Therefore, I need to find alternate sources for my answers.

Oh, one small, but possibly important, note to add to this diatribe of
interrogation is that I am based in Toronto, Canada. Any fellow Canucks out
there with a decidely Canadian point of view?

Thanks in advanced,


"In a hurricane, even turkeys can fly"

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