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Wed Apr 4 01:23:50 CDT 2001


: From: zac
: Memory leak (most likely fixed), CPU usage
: spikes, threading problems.  I had one server
: that was rendered unusable if we tried using
: CFFile. YMMV as it isn't consistent (and to
: be honest it appears to be a Win issue as much
: as a CF issue) but its problematic enough that
: I wouldn't use it for something unless it was
: necessary.

a server being rendered unusable by cffile is a major problem -- most likely
one centered around server configuration issues.

the issue must be fixed because i just looped over a cffile writing 1000
.txt files.  cpu usage never exceeded 60% and it took all of about 1000
milliseconds.  then, i left the directory filled with these text files and
performed the same operation, this time causing cf to overwrite the files.
cpu usage hit 70%, but it only took about 850 milliseconds to perform.
then,  i used a delete action to kill those 1000 .txt files and cpu usage
stayed below 40% and the action took less than 600 milliseconds to perform.
i repeated this operation 10 times in total and these numbers proved to be
fairly average.

all of this is done on a win2k personal machine running iis5, cf4.5, 256
megs of ram, 650mhz p3, and zero server traffic (besides me).



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