[thelist] ColdFusion question

zac zac at pixelgeek.com
Wed Apr 4 01:36:10 CDT 2001

jeff wrote:

> a server being rendered unusable by cffile is a major problem -- most likely
> one centered around server configuration issues.

No. It was a NT 4/CF issue. We worked through it with the techs at Allaire.

> all of this is done on a win2k personal machine running iis5, cf4.5, 256
> megs of ram, 650mhz p3, and zero server traffic (besides me).

As I said, YMMV. 

I haven't run into it since then but I was talking to a friend who was
relieved that there were CF File fixes in CF5 as they have been having
trouble with it under Win2K.

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