[thelist] Hiding image path?

J J squid_66 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 07:47:41 CDT 2001

Thanks, that's what I ended up doing, with a simple
image.asp file that was passed a path, then this new
page redirects to the img URL.  I simply make the IMG
SRC the path to the image.asp file.  Just for further
protection, I've added some checking on the image.asp
file in case someone hits that page directly.

Thanks though!  

Seems like it took a couple days for my message to hit
the list????

--- Anthony Baratta <Anthony at Baratta.com> wrote:
> At 08:11 AM 4/3/2001, you wrote:
> >Is there a way to hide the image path before or
> during
> >returning an HTML/asp page to the browser?
> You can create another script called viewimage.asp
> and pipe the image name 
> via the Query String. I use the SoftArtisan's
> FIleManager DLL/Component to 
> do the binary read and then use binary write to
> stream it to the browser. 
> Just make sure you tell the browser the mime type.

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