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matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Wed Apr 4 08:33:46 CDT 2001

> From: <martin.p.burns at uk.pwcglobal.com>
> [admin stuff - can we please take this to thechat, and y'all owe <tips>]

Not for nothing, but it seems that the issue of who owns what is typed into
a web browser form is at least somewhat on topic. It being related to the
web and to copyright, which is very relevant to web developers/content

If Microsoft (or Corporation X) owns everything which passes through it's
servers, it de-values the work of everyone who produces copyrightable

If these are the terms that Corporation X seeks for any site that it owns or
buys, then that's something we (people who often produce things which
should/could be copyrighted) should be aware of, and discuss.

Am I wrong about this? Here's a pre-emptive tip...

<tip type="copyright">
If you don't want your work re-distibuted without your permission, never
show it, or speak it, to anyone. Let alone post it on, or send it through,
the internet.

For photos on the web, one strategy for copyright protection is to place the
copyright notice directly into the image. It's as ugly as sin. But that way,
whether they download the file or take a screenshot, the potential infringer
must erase (or crop out) your copyright notice if they want to re-use it as
their own. That should make it easier to show "willfull infringement" which
is a starting point for enforcement.


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